Hi! We're Hitch Marketing Agency

Hitch exist to help businesses find success online. We want to help you grow your digital marketing, sales and business. Through our educational content, consultations and strategy execution. we want to help you uncover the secret of growing your business with digital marketing.

Why We Exist?

Long Term Partnership over Short Term Gain

We treat every business we work with as our own, our client as partners. Regardless of which stage of the business our client is in, we will provide the same service standard and come out with a customized solution that works for them.

Brand Creator

We believe good marketing build world-class brands, not just noise. In the digital world, everyone is competing for the top spot in their customer mind. Hitch creates brand messaging resonate with your customers.

Result Oriented

Our foundation of business starts with delivering results. Everything else comes after. We never comprise quality for quantity. Our partners deserve the best results.

Company Mission

Every big dream begins with one small step.

Help 10,000 businesses succeed with Hitch digital marketing strategy.

Our Esteemed Clients

Meet our team

DIgital Marketing Strategist

Kevin Neo

As a digital marketing strategist, Kevin is responsible for formulating digital campaign and managing the project deliverable from start to end. 

Brand Strategist

Lek Wei Sim

Lek Wei is responsible for everything regards to branding and ensures every marketing campaign is aligned with our client’s brand. 

Social Media Manager

Maggie Ngu

Maggie brings her experience is a lifestyle and social export to the team and create incredible engagement on social media for our clients.


Raymond Tan

Raymond is the founder of Hatchery Design Pte Ltd and key video partner of our company. He bring his 9+ years of videography expertise to the creative process.


Desmond Pang

Desmond Pang is in charge of capturing precious moments and at a young age, he started his own photography brand called The Blue Script. 

Content Writer

Caroline Quek

Caroline is a great asset to our team, she is in charge of all the creative blog writing for our clients & company.