Canon R5/R6 Focus Group

Hitch Marketing is conducting a market research on Mirrorless Camera and we like to invite Canon R5/R6 Users to do a short 2 hours paid survey with us to find out about their experience with the camera.

Each participants will be paid 150SGD for participating in this survey.

This survey is not affiliated with any camera brands. The information gathered are solely for our agency market research purpose.

Canon R5/R6 Focus Group Details – 2 hours survey, $150
(Max 3 Interviewee in 1 Session):

14th April 2021, Wednesday
Session 1: 1030 – 1230 (2 hours)
Session 2: 1500 – 1700 (2 hours)

15th April 2021, Thursday
Session 1: 1030 – 1230 (2 hours)
Session 2: 1500 – 1700 (2 hours)

Found8 High Street Centre, 1 North Bridge Rd, #08-08, Singapore 179094

Participant Requirements:
1. Owned a Canon R5 or R6 Camera
2. Fluent in Conversational English
3. Singaporean/PR
4. Non-Professional Photographer


The survey will be conducted at Found8, High Street Centre. A comfortable co-working space discussion/meeting room.


To find out what are the top aspects of a camera that will influence their buying decision etc...

Survey Setting

The survey will be conducted with Co-Vid measures in place. 2 - 5 person maximum in a small group setting.

Data Protection

The information collected during this survey is privileged information only to be used within Hitch Marketing and HItch Marketing affiliated companies for internal research. By no means, the information will be sold and/or public.

Participate in This Focus Group

Fill out the form below and our company representative will get back to you within 24 hours if you are shortlisted for this focus group.