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“Perfume is personal magic. It is a first impression and a lasting recollection.” While using perfume to entice your page visitors into following your page is impossible on Instagram, we have a perfect substitute for it on the hottest online photo-sharing app and social media. It’s no other than the unostentatious 150 characters at the top part of our Instagram page. Yes, I am talking about Instagram bio. 

Instagram has bestowed upon us 150 characters to summarise the contents of our page, which is essentially a pitch to our potential followers. But seriously, isn’t Instagram being a little too stingy about this? What can we do with a mere 150 characters long introduction? (To put things into perspective, the first paragraph of this article contains 353 characters and on Instagram, you have to summarise the content of your page in less than half of that.)

Perhaps your brows are starting to furrow and you’re about to say something along the lines of “That’s preposterous!”. But fret not! This article is here to remove the “im” in impossible, with a few tips and tricks that can be easily done by anyone! 

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1. Write Your Personal Niche Statement

Before a visitor evaluates the worth of your account to them, the visitor needs to know what your account is all about. However, the visitor is not obliged to spend an entire day on scrolling through your feed to find out what you do exactly. So, how can this conundrum be resolved?

The answer is … your niche statement! Your niche statement should include the 5W1Hs of your account – who you serve, how you help, what results should they expect, etc. And most importantly, it should be clear and concise!


I help aspiring writers overcome their writers’ block by dishing out writing prompts.

Character count: 85

In this statement, it is clear that this account serves “aspiring writers”, helps them by “dishing out writing prompts” and followers of this account can expect their “writers’ block” to vanish.

2. Optimize Your Name Section

The name field is your Instagram bio is actually searchable, which means you can deploy some search engine optimization (SEO) hacks right here, with your Instagram name! For starters, decide on a primary keyword that aptly describes your account. For instance, if your account features pastries, you might want to include the word ‘pastry’ in your username and display name so that you will turn up in search results. 

Notice that the top few search results have the word “pastry” in it.

The main point is to find a keyword that people will actually key into the search bar and concurrently, communicates the essence of your page to your viewers. By now you would have realised, the display name field isn’t just for you to input your name, because no one would randomly search for a Tom, Dick or Harry on Instagram. Hence, consider looking through the list of most-searched words on Instagram and choosing one that suits you best!

3. Include Your Achievements and Titles

Imagine this scenario. A nameless person on the street tells you that he can easily turn you into a rich and powerful person if you follow his advice. Will you be sold on his idea? I hope you are not gullible enough to say yes. But now, if I were to tell you that this person attended Harvard and is the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation (yes, I’m talking about Mr Bill Gates), does that add credibility to his claims?

Humans tend to believe in people who have proven their success in related fields before and hence, it is important for you to prove to your audience that you are capable, experienced and knowledgeable enough to soothe their woes. 

Not to mention, extraordinary credentials help you stand out in a crowd of competitors too! Anyone can share their homemade recipes on Instagram and receive a lukewarm response. But, a homemade recipe crafted by a Michelin star chef? Wow, I doubt you’ll have to read this article anymore, people will come flocking to you immediately once you put that credential up on your Instagram bio.

4. Provide Your Contact Details

So now that people are finally interested in what you have to offer, it is high time you present the 101 facts about your account potential customers may need to know. Obviously, it will not fit into the 150 characters limit imposed by Instagram. Some of you may intuitively think of your Instagram posts to convey all the messages, but will your target audience bother to scroll through the 1,001 posts and filter out the expired promotional events and the random status updates to find the information they need? That’s like finding a needle in a haystack! Surely you can’t expect people to do that, right? This is why it is important for you to include your contact details in your bio so that potential clients can clarify their doubts conveniently. 

5. Amplify Traffic by Including Link in Bio

Instagram bio allows you to include a link that leads to an external website. These links can be anything that attracts people and showcase more of your content (eg. lead magnets, landing page, etc). However, you have to choose wisely as you are only allowed to input one URL. 

This may pose a great challenge to content creators, as you’ll have to change the link on your bio each time you want to redirect traffic to a different website. But no worries, this article has got all bases covered! If you absolutely cannot live without including more than two links in your bio, try using “link in bio” tools! What a ‘link in bio’ does is that when users click on that link, they will end up on a landing page that has buttons linked to your chosen destinations. For a list of links in bio tools, click here!

Whether you are an online influencer or an established business seeking to increase your social media presence, the tips and tricks above are all similar. Of course, perfecting your Instagram bio isn’t the only thing you can do to amplify your content on Instagram. There are functions of Instagram you can capitalize on to get your content to the right audience!

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